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Never too blue – Harwood Hotel Sunday March 11

Acclaimed blues musician Fiona Boyes plays the afternoon session from noon to 3pm at the Harwood Hotel this Sunday March 11.

The Yamba-based Boyes is off the road following her Australian tour with New Orleans’s Johnny Sansone. In 2017 her album, Professin’ the Blues, won the ‘Acoustic Blues Album’ category at the 2017 Blues Blast Awards USA. Boyes also toured internationally for eight weeks, including performances at the USA Blues Music Awards, Memphis, where she was nominated for ‘Acoustic Album of the Year’ and ‘Acoustic Artist of the Year’.

Take the tip from Grammy-winning Delta pianist Willie ‘Pinetop’ Perkins: “I ain’t never seen a woman finger-pick a guitar like that since Memphis Minnie. She’s the best gal guitar player I heard in more than 35 years.”

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