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Men’s and Women’s Shed garage sale

Some of the members of the men’s and women’s shed at Townsend, during their annual garage sale, on Saturday. Images: Lynne Mowbray

Lynne Mowbray |

The Men’s and Women’s Shed at Townsend held their annual garage sale on Saturday.

Women’s Shed group leader Doreen Plymin said that the women’s group meet at the shed every Friday.

“All the items that the ladies had for sale on Saturday were hand made by them at the women’s shed,” Doreen said.

“These items were made from the left over materials from the high school wood work students, which they deliver here to us and we turn it into beautiful items for sale.

“We have over 50 (lady) members now and we average around 20 – 25 here each Friday – but we’re always looking for more to join us,” she said.

Men’s Shed group leader Allan Woods said that Saturday’s garage/tool sale went off really well.

“We had a heap of our members turn up early to help out at the sale,” said Allan.

“We’ve currently got around 70 members and we are always looking for more members.

“We meet from about 8am to 3pm, on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 130 Jubilee Street, Townsend.

“All profits from the sale of goods in the shed on Saturday will go towards purchasing new tools and equipment, for the men’s and women’s shed,” he said.

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