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Clarence Valley women will have a unique opportunity to be inspired by Sydney creative artists Erica Aronsten and Zana Dare who will lead a creative journey of self expression in a full day workshop at Brushgrove Hall on Wednesday July 31. 

This workshop is sponsored by Clarence Valley Women Inc (CVWI) and will include morning tea and lunch at the very reasonable price of $20 including art materials.

This is not the usual art workshop. This workshop will unlock the creative processes for women of all ages and backgrounds and explore the importance of play and the beliefs that stop us from being creative. The facilitators, Erica and Zana will unlock the Creative You, through drawing, collage, painting and writing.

So if you want to get started on your creative fitness while making new connections and enjoying a hot soup lunch, book in immediately. Spaces are limited. Email:  or ring Anne on 0421 668 806.

Susan Howland

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