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Coldstream Gallery owners, L-R Marc McIntyre and Steve Pickering. Image: Lynne Mowbray

Lynne Mowbray |

The Coldstream Gallery at Ulmarra is giving the community an opportunity to ‘meet the artist’, during a series of artist talks during this year’s PLUNGE Festival.

Yamba artist Paul Bennett shared his artistic skills during his artist talk and demonstration on Sunday afternoon, at the Coldstream Gallery.

Paul said that he has always been an artist having been a sign writer for 50 years.

 “I also worked as an in-house scenic artist for Movie World on the Gold Coast from 1991, for 14 years until I retired,” said Paul.

“I lived on the Gold Coast for 25 years before moving to Yamba about three years ago.

“It’s a lot quieter here although there are not as many exhibiting chances here, as there are on the Gold Coast.

“Although I’ll paint anything, I keep coming back to seascapes, which I enjoy painting.

“I always paint from a photograph, as it’s easier to get the details from a photograph and although I paint mainly in acrylics; with still life I prefer to paint in oils,” he said.

The Coldstream Gallery will hold its next ‘Meet the Artist’ on Sunday 14 April.

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