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Masters show strength at Port Macquarie swim carnival

(Back row l-r) Ken Adams, Robyn Watters, Alan Lawrence, Mick Bleach (front row) Bobby Winger, Jane Lawrence, Judy King, Helmut Klein, Karen Campbell, Chris Bleach. Image: Contributed

Clarence River Masters Swim Club had nine enthusiastic competitors attend the Masters Swim Port Macquarie carnival last Saturday…plus one vocal, but non swimming, frustrated, supporter –  our Club president Jane Lawrence, recuperating from eye surgery. All in all a very well supported swim carnival with competitors from all over the state.

Jane reported “Two new carnival swimmers, Chris and Mick Bleach were both so keen and wow, both swam beautifully. And fast!”

Some really good times were recorded by our swimmers.

Helmut Klein and Alan (Dubbo) Lawrence had their usual 50m breaststroke challenge, they both nominated the same time prior to the event. However this year it was the young gun, Dubbo who won. Bottle of red owed here Helmut!

Another great swim was by Karen Campbell and Chris Bleach in the 50m freestyle, swimming beside one another. It was such a fantastic swim to watch. Would you believe they both touched together and both recorded 0.53sec! Dead heat. “I couldn’t believe they swam so well. That is such a good time considering it was a first for Chris and only the second carnival for Karen.” Said president Jane.

Another dead heat for the 50m free was by Ken Adams and Judy King who both recorded 0.49sec. Its another challenge swim that will go on between them at future carnivals (which provides much entertainment for onlookers).

CRMS members are keen to know their members placings at this carnival however at the time of print they were not yet available.

One thing was certainly evident from the many photographs taken – they all had a heap of fun!  The event lived up to the Clubs motto “fun and fitness”. 

Contact Yamba and/or Maclean pools for further information to join this fun loving crew.

Gai Pritchett

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