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Magpies to trials this Saturday against Casino

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All roads lead to the Yamba grounds this Saturday afternoon when the Lower Clarence Magpies will have their first hit-out of the season against Casino.

Last year the Magpies were inconvenienced by not having any trial matches before the competition proper began. This year the weather looks fine and alternative arrangements are in place (Iluka) if there are any flooding rains.

Casino are bringing down a ladies squad, some Under 18’s and senior players. Because matches are only trials the senior games will probably consist of a mixture of senior players beginning with likely A Graders.

Anyone in the local area including those in the workplace on the highway or bridge are invited to share their time and skills with the Magpies. As stated in an earlier column up to fifty people are needed on any game day.

So if you have an interest in first aid, want to be a team runner or water boy or simply put in some time in the canteen get in touch with any club member or player.

Two stalwarts who have been putting in a lot of time are Tim Ryan and Chris Douglas. Their support of president Bruce whether it be setting up a new bar area or marking fields is much appreciated.

We are still on track to have a new amenities block by 2019. The local council are working in well with the club but progress has stalled when it comes to money from the NRL. Politics surrounding the new stadiums in Sydney are having an impact on grassroots clubs like the Magpies. We were promised some $75,000 but that is not confirmed at this stage.

Let us start the season well on Saturday with a good roll up and watch what is generally regarded as the strongest line up we have had for years.

Col Hennessy

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