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Maclean women’s bowls

Maclean lady bowlers. Image: contributed

Maclean members returned to bowls on Tuesday to extremely hot and humid conditions. This didn’t dampen their enthusiasm to play, but after getting half way through our normal format the games were abandoned for cooler conditions in the Club.

On a revised formula the following results were achieved:

M Crelley, L Pearcey, J Parkes (voucher winners) d V Falvey, N Phelps, C Byrum; B Littlewood, M Stallard, F Stewart-Butcher (r/up) d M Brisbane, C Johnson, M Grimes; L Connor, S Grieve, C Power d B Mitchell, I Whitney, S Ferro; S Youlten, P Ryan d M Mutch, L Rae.

The raffle was won by L Pearcey.

A great first day back for Ray White Scroungers on Thursday with nine smiling faces. The weather was kinder than Tuesday with a slight breeze keeping us on the green to complete our games. After some close contests it came down to Fiona 3rd, Denise 2nd and Judy 1st.

The winner of the large bottle of wine was C Power and the small V Falvey.

Sue Grieve

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