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Iluka Veterans golf

Jim Lowe (left) is sending Mars Bar recipient, John Armour on his way after John complained that the Mars Bar was past its use by date and therefore could not possibly accept it on that basis. John, took his medicine and said he would present it to his lovely wife Gayle. Image: Contributed

The October 29 event was a single Stableford played in beautiful conditions on a course holding up well considering the lack of rain. The fairways are hard and fast giving a lot of run and the greens are shaping up nicely after the recent maintenance.

The day was sponsored by Gayle and John Armour, always generous and happy people to have around our Club. Many thanks to Gayle and John Armour.

Our captain, Jim Lowe, decided in his wisdom to start the presentations from the bottom of the score sheet instead of the top. Only Jim knew what was going on as everything was back-to-front, but he recovered in stride with a few corrections along the way and completed a very amusing presentation. We all want to know what Jimmy’s good doctor has put him on, as we could all do with dose, and all go round in circles and not have a worry in the world. Well done, captain Jim Lowe, on another hilarious presentation.

The winner was Michael Curtis, a regular visitor from Yass, with an excellent 45 points. Runner up was Barry Brims, who felt a bit miffed on 42 points, thinking that his best score in years, might have deserved higher praises, maybe next time Barry. He could not even go home and boast to lovely wife Kate, because he is batching, with Kate being away visiting relies up north.

NTP’s: 1 / 10 was D Rowsell; 6 / 15 was Jim Wride and 8 / 17 was Neil Grady who is back to playing his best brand of golf.

The Roy Ellery 3rd shot on 3 / 12 was Brian Kay, who travels from Yamba twice a week to play Iluka Golf Course, well done Brian.

The Ball Rundown went to 12 players which was indicative of a good field of starters.

The Barry Robbie Mars Bar and Porcelain Mug went to today’s sponsor, John Armour, for the second week running. John was not impressed that the Mars Bar was past its use by date, but never the less took it home for his wife Gayle, to enjoy.

We don’t know how Jim Lowe wins the raffle every week and is never embarrassed by it at all. Maybe the fact that Jim, does the draw has a little to do with it ?

Bob Wissink

Vets captain, Jim Lowe, on left congratulates Barry Brims with his r/up voucher, telling a less than amused Barry that 42 points did not cut it today for a winning trophy and reminded Barry that he needed more than 45 points to win. Image: Contributed

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