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Maclean Show Society Campdraft

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Tracey Becker on Kirra. Image: Lynne Mowbray

Lynne Mowbray |

The Maclean Show Society Campdraft was held at the Maclean Showground over the weekend, under a mixture of weather conditions.

Maclean Campdraft president Robbie Sutherland said that despite the threatening weather leading into the weekend, the event turned out to be a great success.

“Saturday’s overcast and rainy weather was just enough, without it doing any damage,” Robbie said.

“It probably helped us, because it was just enough rain to settle the dust and Sunday, it was just a beautiful sunny day.

“We had a record amount of entries this year; around 640 first round runs plus finals, with about 45 in the finals. So we’ve had close to 700 runs for the weekend which is probably 200 to 250 more than we’ve had before.

“The feedback from the competitors was that even if they didn’t do any good in the campdraft, the atmosphere was that good that they were very happy just to be here.

“Our committee; it makes me proud to be a leader of such an active young committee, which we have at the moment. The work done by all the committeemen was brilliant and it just made everything run smoothly. It was such a good weekend, it’s been really fabulous,” he said.

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