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Maclean Show set to go

The Maclean Show will be back bigger and better than ever on May 7-8. Image: Lynne Mowbray

Lynne Mowbray |

Despite the cancellation of the Maclean Show last year, plans are underway for its return this year; bigger and better than before.

A wild storm which hit Maclean in early January 2018 caused extensive damage to the showground pavilions and infrastructure, which saw the cancellation of the show in May.

President of the Maclean Show Society Brian Ferrie said that although the main pavilion is still unusable, it’s all systems go for the shows return this year on May 7-8.

“The Clarence Valley Council (CVC) has come to the rescue by providing a marquee for us to use (for exhibits normally housed in the damaged pavilion),” Mr Ferrie said.

“All pavilion entries are able to go ahead, so the show will be as close as possible to a normal show.   

“Sideshow Alley will be as full as we can get it and we will have a full schedule of horse events and show jumping, to entertain the crowd as well.

“As well as the normal ring events we will be having extra entertainment including our own production of the Outback Extravaganza, demolition derby, farmers challenge and fireworks display.

“Because we didn’t have a show last year, the board has decided to give the public some world class entertainment.

“This year, as a special treat, we will be having a live performance from Adam Eckersley and Brooke McClymont who have included the Maclean Show performance, into their ‘The Highway Sky Tour 2019’.

“Adam and Brooke are from the Clarence Valley and have collected many awards for their performances.

“They will be performing in the main arena from 7pm – 8.30pm on Wednesday May 8 and all you have to do (to see them) is come to the show; as your entry ticket includes their performance,” he said.

Entry to the Maclean Show is, adult $15 or become a member of the Maclean Show Society for $30 which gets you into the show on both days for two adults and three children (14 years and under). Membership forms and more information, is available on the Maclean Show Society website: www.maclean or you can find them on Facebook.

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