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Maclean Minor Singles to Sandra Youlten

The attached photo shows Sandra Youlten, winner of Minor Singles. Image: contributed

Congratulations to Sandra Youlten who won the Maclean Minor Singles Championship when she defeated Marissa Mutch on Thursday October 31 in a very close final match.

The Triples Championship is due to start tomorrow Thursday November 7.

Entry forms for the Stste Championships next year are on the board in the locker room and all close on Thursday December 5.

The final L J Hooker game for this year will be played on Tuesday November 19 and names must be in by 12pm on Monday November 18. A free barbecue lunch will be provided and players should indicate on the sheet whether they will partake of that.

Thanks to the generosity of Margaret Stallard there will be hams as prizes twice before Christmas.

Social results: P Essex, L McKay, P Stockings, W Haselum (voucher winners) d J Johnston, P Barclay, L Pearcey, M Stallard (consolation prize); M Mutch, M Combley, L Connor, C Byrum d M Mutch, B Littlewood, S Grieve, J Parkes; V Falvey, L Sheppard, K Hudson d B Mitchell, I Whitney, D Burey.

The raffle was won by M Combley.

The Ray White Scroungers game was won by I Whitney, second was L McKay and third was K Pedder. P Essex and B Mitchell won the wine..

Maggie Combley

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