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Maclean ladies tennis

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The results for last Thursday June 20 were: Donovan (4 sets, 35 games) had a very close match with Harrington (4 sets, 36 games); Bruggy (5 sets, 41 games) were made to work hard with 3 tie-breaker sets against Neill (3 sets, 31 games).  Thank you to Jenny G and Jenny W for filling in for Di and Wendy O’B.  A lovely day was had by all.

Although Sue McC was on the bye, she enjoyed a social hit with the fellows and was lucky enough to win the gift voucher for Gail’s Gifts in the raffle.  

This Thursday 27, the teams to play are, McAulay and Harrington and Bruggy playing Donovan. Neill’s team has the bye and McAulay will be on duty; to be included on the reserve list, ring Sue on 0408 353 303.

Prue Harrington

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