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At our previous meeting, 111 beautiful plants were benched.

Judges Choice orchid Vanda Unknown – Narelle Francis; Popular Vote orchid Rlc. Village Chief ‘Green Genius’ – Terry & Penny Bird. Both Judges Choice and Popular Vote flower, Gladioli – John & Kathy Bruce.

Guest speaker was Neville Anderson, president of the Woolgoolga Orchid Society, who shared his experience on propagation and culture.

Next meeting is on Saturday June 15 at the Presbyterian Church Hall, Church Street Maclean. Speaker will be our vice president Terry Bird, whose varied interest in orchids began in 1980 with Cymbidiums. So do feel welcome to come along. Plants are benched by 1pm for judging. The meeting is to begin by 1.30pm. Lucky door and raffle prizes are included, plus afternoon tea.

Penny Bird

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