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Maclean & District bowls

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We conducted the John Kelly Triples Carnival on Saturday with 20 teams taking to the greens, including teams from Coffs Harbour, North Haven, Lismore, Brooms Head, Grafton, Iluka, Yamba and Maclean.

We would like to thank everyone for their attendance and a big thank you to our lady umpires who are always a supportive part of our club.

Club Triples draw is now done and scheduled for play the weekend of June 15-16.

Players by mutual agreement and bowls coordinators acceptance may play games at earlier dates. Round 1- 8:45am, Round 2 – 12:45pm, semi finals – 8:45am, final 12:45pm.

Minor Singles nominations close Friday June 14. If you have questions about your eligibility please come see me before nominating

Pennants 2019

Anyone wishing to travel as a supporter with the Grade 4 team to Port Macquarie on Thursday July 25 for two or three days please let me know by Friday June 7 at 12pm as I’ll be making final accommodation bookings. We are taking a coach for travel. There is a list on the men’s noticeboard too. We will also be ordering shirts for supporters at their own cost if they wish to purchase one.

Social results

Wednesday winners – Ray Davis & Yogi Apps; Lucky Losers – John Hupfield & Peter Hurst.

Travelling bowlers raffle – 1st Bob Mansfield; 2nd Peter Hurst.

Friday winners – Jim Hannah & Jim Shannon; Lucky Losers – Mark Williams, Pauline Stocking, Sue Grieve.

Travelling bowlers raffle – 1st Jon Keats2nd Gary Montgomery

Crack The Safe Jackpot – 31/05/2019 – $500 First draw – Barry Stocking; Second Draw – Jim Hannah NOT WON. Jackpot at $600 on 07/06/2019.

Comp results

Club Pairs final – Ray Ryan & Paul Burnes d John Connell & Des Johnson 22/17.

Comp draw

Anyone that is unavailable this Long Weekend please let me know ASAP. Where possible I will draw Club Triples Round 1 matches

Social Bowls: Wed Mens Pairs 1pm names in by 11am; Fri Triples – Ladies welcome 1pm names in by 11am. Friday bare-footers 6pm names in by 5:30pm.

Jayson Pinnock

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