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Lifetime memberships for United’s stalwarts

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Riley Anderson pinning Brian Cotton with his life membership badge, with Joyce Cotton smiling in the background. Images: contributed

Lynne Mowbray |

A group of dedicated supporters of the Maclean United Cricket Club were presented with Life Membership, at the annual presentation dinner on Saturday April 13.

The club which has been going for 54 years, up until now, had no official life members.

President of the Maclean United Cricket Club, Nick Clark, said that at a meeting in the lead up to the presentations, they needed to get letters out to all their life members.

“It was a bit of a shock to everyone, when we realised that we didn’t have any,” Mr Clark said.

“The 12 members, who received life memberships: Kevin Jones OAM, Brian Cotton, Bill Shannon, Brett Jones, Mark Tabor, Ken Moran, Norma Whiteside, Robyn Moran, Darlene Tabor, Denise Jones, Val Shannon and Joyce Cotton, didn’t have any idea prior to the presentation.

“We had asked these members to come along to present some trophies and at the end of the presentations, we had a special presentation of the life memberships.

“The (cricket) club is sponsored by the Maclean District Services Club, who have been sponsors for 20 years and we presented them with a certificate of appreciation as well,” he said.

Mr Clark said that the club is growing and getting stronger.

“We had three junior teams and three senior teams this year, which is good,” Mr Clark said.

“It’s back to where we were probably 10 or 20 years ago.

“The United 1st Grade won the Lower Clarence Association’s competition (this season) and that was a big result for us – we haven’t won it for a few years.

“If anyone is interested in a game, or their kids are interested in a game next season, come in and see us here at Home Hardware in Maclean and we can point them in the right direction,” he said.

The Maclean United Cricket Club would like to thank all their sponsors for their ongoing support.

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