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‘Learn to Sail’ program attracts interest

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BRSC training officer Neil Hayes making some final adjustments before taking Andy Black, Andy's son AJ, and Jo Peillon for a lesson in one of the club's training dinghies. Image: contributed

The Big River Sailing Club is witnessing a resurgence in numbers, largely due to interest generated by the ‘Learn to Sail’ program. Considered a sport for all ages, sailing also offers the opportunity for whole of family participation.

The initial focus is for people to experience the joys of small boat sailing and to acquire basic boat handling skills, including steering, sail trim and safety on the water. The Club has a number persons. As skills develop, participants will progress to sailing without the aid of an instructor and, if desired, to racing.

The Big River Sailing Club, located on Harwood Island adjacent to the Harwood Slipway, meets on a Saturday over a season that extends from late August to March. The ‘Learn to Sail’ program operates from 10am to midday on most Saturdays (regatta weekends excepted). There is no initial cost, and intending participants are welcome to trial the experience over threesessions before becoming a member.

The Club also welcomes experienced sailors and visitors from other clubs toparticipate in the afternoon racing, which commences with a briefing at 1pm.Further information and contacts can be found on the Club’s website; Club_280919″

Wayne Culph

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