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Wednesday chook run was a good turn out with 12 starters, winner of the chook was Theo Sheppard on a c/b with 33 nett from new member Lindsay Cafin who got r/up prize of a ball.  No one got NTP on the 4th while Colin Want made the 5th another new member Bob Montcomery got least putts with 17. There was also and 18 hole match play contested with Max Withnell winning 1/up from Peter Starr.

Saturday ladies event was a Mulligan which all ladies enjoyed as a change from their normal Stroke event. Winner was Liz Simpson with nett 35 from visitor Val Barlow who took advantage of the Mulligan Stroke to be runner up with nett 37 and also getting NTP on the 4th, while Sue Fong Kee won least puts with 14.

Sunday was a novelty Stroke event of two clubs and a putter sponsored by Ken & Kath Trim. The 9 hole winner was Pat Parkes with nett 42 from visitor Jack Funch nett 43. I must have selected the wright clubs for the 18 holes winning with nett 42 from James Welsh nett 77.  I also got least putts with 15 while nobody selected the wright clubs to make a green for NTPs. Club balls were won by Denis Hardwick and Aaron Paterson. 

Next Sunday will be a Stroke event sponsored by Graeme Mills, Carpentry & Building and James Welsh. The Brushgrove Hotel will be visiting playing three clubs and a putter so give them plenty of space; and the fake news is Donald Trump is coming to be their starter. I made a mistake last week with starting times, it is 7am for 7.30am but the change of clocks didn’t confuse anyone this year.

Max Withnell

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