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Wednesday’s chook run was won by Theo Sheppard. Max Withnell got NTP on the 5th and Garry Stockwell had least putts with 16.

Saturday ladies had a rainy down and didn’t play.

Sunday’s competition was a 2 person Ambrose sponsored by Tyre Power Maclean.

The 9 hole winners were Pat Parkes and Doc Foster and the18 hole winners were Denis Hardwick and James Welsh.

NTP on the 4th was Aaron Patterson and Shane Rose had NTP on the 5th. Least putts was won by James Welsh and Denis Hardwick.

Next week (July 14) is a 9 hole Stroke event followed by our Annual General Meeting at 12 noon. All financial members are invited to attend this meeting.

Membership may be paid on the day prior to the meeting.

Chris Clay

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