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The Lawrence Fishing Club held their monthly outing on July 6-7; many thanks to all the members that came down to the weigh in and barbeque.

Sixteen members fished with nine weighing in for the estuary with a total of 19.87kg consisting of 31 bream, two tailor, one black fish and nine flathead. Nobody fished deep sea. This was a great effort by all those that fished on the weekend, despite the showery conditions on Saturday.

Estuary winners: men’s – Ben Geide 6.46kg; ladies – Maureen King 3.88kg.

No juniors weighed in. Secret weight was won by Carl Press.

Member’s draw was won by John Schubert who wasn’t present at the weigh in.

Our raffle was won by a member of The Lawrence Fishing Club; thanks to the patrons and members for your support.

Our next outing is on August 3-4.

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page.

Lyn Morgan

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