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Lawrence croquet

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Players were so happy with the advent of welcomed rain on Tuesday morning that there were no complaints with the day’s playing being cancelled.

There was a high turnout of players on Thursday morning which was surprising given that we are in the midst of school holidays. This was a reflection of the popularity of the game. A warm welcome is extended to Eulie, our latest recruit. With all courts occupied, some with more than one team, friendly rivalry was to the fore.  Intense competition hampered some hoped for skilled playing.  Kath was the only player to score a golden hoop.  A couple of players took the opportunity to be coached on both their stances and mallet swings.

We have new hoops which are being painted over the weekend and will be ready for use next week. These are lighter and, hopefully, will be easier to move from the storage shed and also to place in the ground.

New players are always welcome. Our days of play are Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8.30am. All equipment is supplied. The cost to play is $6 per session

For more information contact Carole Radford: 0427 783 330 or Karen Marsden: 0437 157 198 or just turn up to play. We are located at the Lawrence golf course, Anne/March Street, Lawrence.

Karen Marsden

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