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Keith Howland retrospective -Yamba through an artist’s eyes

Yamba School of Arts Hall, was painted by Keith in 1982 just days before the hall was demolished to make way for the library and hall. The painting hangs at Yamba Library

A retrospective exhibition of artworks by the late Keith Howland drawn from private collections across the Clarence Valley is planned for the Plunge Festival in 2020.  This exciting collaboration between Clarence Regional library, Port of Yamba Historical Society and the team at Keith Howland Retrospective Project, will be held at two sites, The Old Kirk and Yamba Library from March 31 to May 1.

Keith Howland became well known in the Clarence region for both his art and his design practice. Most of the artworks are being sourced from private collections and the Howland Retrospective team is on the lookout for more works to add to their database.  If you have a Howland hiding at your place get in touch if you would like to have it documented.

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