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Keep up the good fight Councillor Clancy

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I must congratulate Councillor Clancy on raising the issue of banning helium balloons. 

Our northern neighbours in QLD regard the practice as “littering” according to their Waste & Recycling Act of 2011. It is currently illegal in NSW to release more that 20 balloons, check out “Protection of the Environment Act 1997 No. 156 Section 146E.  On top of which Helium is a limited resource and is currently used in the medical field to cool magnets in MRI machines as well as being used to help newborn infants to breath. 

I would encourage members of the Council who are unaware of the tide of change in regard to the use of helium balloons to spend some time on the internet doing a bit of research. You will be astounded by the depth of feeling this issue raises within the global environmental and scientific communities. 

Keep up the good fight Councillor Clancy; you are not alone in your quest.

Jane Mitchell,

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