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In-A-Day Tour – Yamba Tavern Fri July 13.

Quite Like Pete

Three up and coming coastal-based bands are set to turn up the volume at the Yamba Shores Tavern this Friday night July 13.

Peach Fur (Gold Coast), Latham’s Grip (Illawarra/Sydney) and Quite Like Pete (Ulladullah) have combined to create the In-A-Day Tour.

Each of the groups has a Triple J Unearthed profile and they mostly prefer to let their performances do the talking.

Peach Fur “is a spicy mix of alternative and psych rock, put in a blender to make ya dance”.
Latham’s Grip is “a handful of blokes based up and down NSW south coast, working hard on our sounds and bringing the good times”.
Quite Like Pete “is a highly energetic, five piece, rock ’n’ roll band … that has just released a brand new single, Regret”.

Peach Fur

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