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Iluka Veterans golf

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Vets President, Geoffrey Prentice (left) receiving his Div 1 r/up voucher from sponsor for the day, Paul Maclean.

The August 6 event was the monthly medal Stroke combined with the 7th Round of the Veterans Club Championship, played in pristine conditions on a wonderful golf course in excellent nick after the recent rains.

The day was sponsored by our own long term Vets, Bob Lipscombe and Paul Maclean, many thanks to both for your generous support.

Div 1 medal winner was Frank Poore, with a nett 70 and Div 2 went to John Williams with a blistering nett 61.

Winner for the day in Div 1 was Paul Maclean with a very good nett 65 and generously donated his winning voucher for the raffle. Well done Paul Maclean, but we guess you cannot win your own trophy. Runner up in Div 1 was Geoffrey Prentice, with a sound nett 66. Geoffrey actually finished before dark today so the presentations got going in good time.

Winner in Div 2 was John Williams, as mentioned before with a nett 61. John might well be looking at Div 1 once the handicapper gets hold of him? Runner up in Div 2 was Stephen Hayes with a very good nett 66.

NTPs: 1 / 10 went to Steve Bond, 6 / 15 was John Williams and at 8 / 17 was John Grills.

Mr Skinner bobs up every now and then, but it was a real surprise when he took out the Roy Ellery 3rd shot on 3 / 12.

The ball rundown went to 12 players on nett 71 or better reflecting the good field that played today.

The Barry Robbie Mars Bar & Porcelain Mug went to regular visitor from Moe in Victoria, Brian Rogers. Coming in at 80 years of age, Brian, still walks the course and was 101 not out at stumps and batting on strongly. A bloke with a good sense of humour took it on the chin and declared that next week could be his day after a solid warm up today.

Bob Wissink

A delighted Frank Poore (left) holds up his Vets Div 1 monthly medal with a bemused sponsor, Paul Maclean, getting a close warm and fuzzy hug from Frank.
Winners and losers are all smiles with Mars Bar winner, Brian Rogers (foreground) and Div 1 medal winner Frank Poore sharing a laugh and drink at the presentation, and no doubt a few tall stories.

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