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Iluka Veterans golf

Two happy Vets campers, captain Jim Lowe (left) receives his runners up voucher from, Life Member, John Caldwell. Both share a long history of service to both the Veterans and the Iluka Golf Club. Image: contributed.

The November 19 event was an individual Stableford, played in windy conditions with the smoke haze reminding everyone of the present fire danger.

The day was sponsored by stalwart and Life Member, John Caldwell. John has been with us almost since inception, joining the Club back in April, 1982. John can still be found regularly weeding the bunkers and greens and helping out. Many thanks to John and family for all the years of wonderful service.

The winner today was Maclean visitor, Graham Howard, with 40 points on c/b from Vets captain, Jim Lowe, also on 40 points. Graham Howard is a former Iluka Golf Club member, so he knows the course very well and played it well today. Captain Jim is inching closer to a win every week and is on a roll, we wonder how long it will last, before reality sets in again.

NTP’s: 1 / 10 was Danny Mortison; 6 / 15 was Bob Buzzell and 8 / 17 was George Schymko.

The Roy Ellery 3rd Shot on 3 / 12 was John Lloyd who was delighted to win this after many weeks of near misses.

The ball rundown went to 11 players with 35 or better reflecting a healthy field of players out on the course today.

The Barry Robbie Mars Bar & Porcelain Mug went to another Life Member, Frank Poore, who in his unflappable manner is always happy the win anything.

A first in my experience with the Iluka Veterans, was that George Schymko won first and second prize in the raffle, and scurried off with the winning vouchers before anyone realised what was happening. Investigation is pending!

Bob Wissink

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