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Iluka Veterans golf

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Graeme Lynn (right) with a positive reaction on winning the Barry Robbie Mars Bar and Porcelain Mug. Image: Contributed

The October 1 event was a single Stableford competition played in cool windy conditions (which kept a few players away). The greens maintenance program of scarifying, coring, fertilising and sanding was completed the day before and made putting a bit of a lottery with the ball darting off at angles adding much humour to the day. Three putts were a common cause of despair.

The day was sponsored by our own, Bob Buzzell, and we thank Bob for his continued support and generosity.

The winner today was, Stephen Hayes, with a very good 40 points and the runner up was, Russell Leeson, with 38 points, with both players making light work of the windy conditions and the newly cored greens.

NTP’s: 1 / 10 was Mr Skinner, 6 / 15 was Jim Lowe and on 8 /17 was again Jim Lowe and it was a mystery that captain Jim was not on the leader board.

The Roy Ellery 3rd shot on 3 / 12 went to Jeoffery Turner who was delighted to get the golf ball after a particularly hard day at the office.

The Ball Rundown went to eight players with 32 points or better which reflects the lower scores overall in the harsh conditions.

The Barry Robbie Mars Bar & Porcelain Mug went to Graeme Lynn, who had a very ordinary day out.

Bob Wissink

Veterans captain, Jim Lowe (left) shaking hands of the winner, Stephen Hayes, who smartly tucked the bottle of Dimple Scotch under his arm before Jim Lowe could try and retrieve it. Image: contributed

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