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Iluka street trees?


According to an article by Greg Callaghan in the SMH Australia is doing its darndest to cut down more trees and is now on the list of global deforestation hot spots – the only one in the developed world – while koala populations continue to dwindle through habitat loss. 

Climatologists say one of the easiest and cheapest ways to reduce carbon emissions is to preserve forests. According to the Climate Council deforestation accounts for 18 percent of global emissions surpassing vehicles and aircraft combined. It’s not only forests that are vulnerable, our street trees, parks and backyards will also suffer heat stress in the coming decades. A 2017 study of 1.5 million trees in 29 council areas across Australia revealed nearly one in four trees in urban centres will be at high risk of dieback if current emissions continue.

Dr Gregory Moore, a University of Melbourne botanist suggests we grow more native plants in urban areas as the sooner we adapt to a warmer, drier future the better.

Clarence Valley Council seems to be also doing their darndest by allowing trees to be cut down in Iluka. Every other day a tree is felled in Iluka and our streets are fast becoming hotter. It is too hot to walk or ride a bike around Iluka this summer so most of us unashamedly drive our polluting cars everywhere in this small town. It would be so nice to walk or ride down some lovely shaded streets. 

Recently at a Council meeting it was noted some Councillors were scared of the word “Emergency” when speaking of climate change. It is scary to hear the statistics on climate change but instead of doing nothing we can be proactive.  So here is a chance to do something positive towards alleviating the heat stress we are all suffering after the driest summer on record. Do some research into appropriate species and plant some street trees. The skate park in Iluka is probably the first place to start as it is horrific to see kids skating in the heat of the day with no shade whatsoever.

Annie Dorrian, Iluka

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