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Iluka Open Weekend

L-R Gordon Farrell, Jim Cazalet and Frank Poore Proud holders of the Toohey's Shield.

Fires and strong winds couldn’t stop another successful Open Championship. Visitors from Grafton and Maclean helped make the weekend an excellent competition.

Results for Round 1 are as follows:

A Grade nett – Kris Thomsen 67, r/up – Garry Freeman 70 c/b.

B Grade nett – Joel Power 64, r/up – George Schymko 66 c/b.

C Grade nett Brian Kay 66, r/up – Doug Turner 69.

A Grade gross – Fraser Marsh 75, r/up – Geoffrey Grayson 76.

B Grade gross – Mathew Campbell 81, r/up – Greg Speirs 84.

C Grade gross – Geoffrey Cowen 96 c/b, r/up – Peter Gleeson 96.

NTP’s: 1/10 Geoffrey Cowen, 6/15 Adrian Smith, 8/17 Fraser Marsh. James Pritchard Bradman Prize Chris Speirs and ball run down went to 74.

The 2nd and final round of the Open saw similar conditions with the following results:

A Grade nett – Jon Bellamy 65, r/up – Neil Grady 66.

B Grade nett – Mark Andrew 68, r/up – Jim Lowe 69.

C Grade nett – James Pritchard 71 c/b, r/up – Danny Mortison 71.

A Grade gross – Geoffrey Grayson 75, r/up Peter Mc Curtayne 77.

B Grade gross – Frank Poore 86, r/up – Joel Power 88.

C Grade gross – Peter Gleeson 92, r/up – Brian Kay 97.

NTP’s: 1/10 Gordon Farrell, 6/15 Jeff Hackett, 8/17 Joel Power.

James Pritchard Bradman Prize – Brian Kembrey and Ball R/Down went to 74.

36 hole results:

A Grade nett – Kris Thomsen 134, r/up – Paul Mitchell 138.

B Grade nett – Mark Andrew 137, r/up – George Schymko 142.

C Grade nett – Doug Turner 140, r/up – James Pritchard 148.

A Grade gross – Geoffrey Grayson 151, r/up – Fraser Marsh 154.

B Grade gross – Jole Power 169, r/up – Frank Poore 175.

C Grade gross – Peter Gleeson 188, r/up – Jack Palaszczuk 207.

C Grade Champion – Brian Kay.

B Grade Champion – Mathew Campbell.

Iluka Open Champion – Jon Bellamy from Grafton with a fine 148 – congratulations.

We also contested the Toohey’s Shield on Sunday between Iluka, Maclean and Grafton with Iluka breaking a long drought to record a narrow win. This event has been going for 26 years. Thank you to all our volunteers that made the weekend a roaring success.

Next Saturday is Monthly Medal with the Medal of Medals play off sponsored by Iluka Quality Meats, Col Kempshall and Anchorage Holiday Park.

Adam Cazalet

L-R Iluka Open Champion Jon Bellamy and Jim Cazalet Club Captain

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