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Iluka Ladies Golf Maclean Hospital Charity Day

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Ann Dean (Iluka Ladies President) presents a cheque to Sandra Bradbury (President Aux). Image: Contributed

Wednesday February 28 saw the Iluka and Yamba ladies come together to play golf to raise money for the Maclean Hospital Auxiliary.

We welcomed Sandra Bradbury, Edie Quick, Rita Nutt and Rhonda Shaw from the Maclean Hospital Auxiliary, who joined us for lunch.

The game was a single Stableford with 50 ladies participating; the main sponsors where Faye and Jim McClymont and the Iluka Men’s Veterans Club. Raffles prizes where donated by the Yamba and Iluka ladies and Iluka Quality Meats. After the game the ladies had a BBQ lunch and many thanks to our top cooks, Dallas and Peter. The course was looking great as usual thanks to our hard working greenkeepers Gordon and John and their band of merry men, plus the weather was on our side if not a little bit hot.

The results are as follows:
Winners: Division 1 – Debbie Ashcroft (Ilk) 40pts; Division 2 – Maiva Burnham (Yam) 35pts; Division 3 – Colleen Hartcher (Ilk) 36pts.

1st Runners-up: Division 1 – Jenny Muir (Yam) 37pts; Division 2 – Gayle Amour (Ilk) 31pts; Division 3 – Leigh Robertson (Yam) 35pts.

2nd Runners-up: Division 1 – Merrilyn Whitton (Ilk) 35pts; Division 2 – Helen Cockbain (Ilk) 29pts; Division 3 – Jan Ellery (Ilk) 35 pts on a c/b.
NTP’s: Div 1 – 6/15 Ann Groom, 8/17 Dale Ramm; Div 2 – 1/10 and 8/17 Phyllis Telfer; Div 3 – 1/10 Jan Ellery 6/15 Lynn Robertson.

The ball rundown went to 27 and the following ladies all won a ball: Ann Dean, Jo King, Chris Kembrey, Kathy Parker, Val Pate, Lynn White, Janine Zietsch, Kathy Parker, Laurice Poore, Janelle Carpenter, Glynis Hall, Sandi Mayoh, Lee Daley, Deb Rapp, Ann Groom, Pam Ravet, Brenda Kay, Lyn Rowland, Tricia Freeman and Pattie Bond. The Captains Special Award (a nice cold bottle of wine) went to Susan Wilson.

To finish off the day Ann Dean (Iluka Ladies President) presented a cheque to Sandra Bradbury (President Aux) for $935; all in all a good day was had for a very worthy cause.

A big thankyou to the Iluka ladies committee who did a great job organising the day; as well as the ladies for supplying yummy cakes for afternoon tea and the lovely nearest the pins supplied by the Yamba ladies.
Iluka Ladies next golf event will be on Wednesday March 14 a single Stroke and putting competition, qualifying round of the Singles Match Play.

Patricia Munro

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