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Iluka ladies golf

The participants in the playoff for the Medal of Medals for 2018 which was won by Colleen Hartcher (far left front row) 73 on a count back.

On Wednesday November 7 the ladies played a Single Stroke, putting, final round of the Eclectic and the Medal of Medals played by all the medal winners for 2018. This event was kindly sponsored by Lorraine Whitehouse and Sally Christoe who presented the prizes.

Medal of Medals: Colleen Hartcher 73 c/b.
Winner: Div 1 (0 – 30) Colleen Hartcher 73 c/b; Div 2 (31 – 45) Ann Dean 72.
Runner up: Div 1 (0 – 30) Debbie Ashcroft 74 c/b; Div 2 (31 – 45) Kate Brims 73.
Putting: (0 – 30) Merrilyn Whitton 27; (31 – 45) Chris Cavallo 30.
NTP’s: 2nd shot 1/10 (0 – 30) Deb Ashcroft; 2nd shot 6/15 (31 – 45) Kate Brims; 2nd shot 8/17 (0 – 30) Sandi Mayoh; 5th shot 2/11 (31 – 45) Ann Dean.
Ball run down to 79: Merrilyn Whitton, Sandi Mayoh, Sally Christoe, Chris Kembrey, Gayle Armour.
Encouragement: Lynn Robertson, Chris Cavallo.
Raffle: Lynn Robertson.

Congratulations to Rhonda Frazer and her helpers Sally and Lorraine for running a very successful Calcutta on the Melbourne Cup. This was run on Sunday 4th with a good crowd in attendance including some visitors from South West Rocks. Those lucky enough to draw a horse benefited from the auction of the horses, and those with the winning horses are still smiling. The Club was happy to receive a cheque from the proceeds to put towards some equipment. Well done ladies.

The next game for the ladies on Wednesday November 21 will be ladies Single Stableford sponsored by Helen Cockbain.

The sheets are up for the ladies presentation night on November 26 and the breakup lunch on Wednesday 28.

Pat Shepherd

The organiser of the very successful Melbourne Cup Calcutta Rhonda Frazer, presenting a cheque from the proceeds to Club Board member Sue Burgess.

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