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Iluka Happy Gilmore Fun Golf

The winning team, ‘The Wall Ratz’, from left, Aaron, Jason, Dave and Kenos with his young caddy son. They were comfortable winners with a nett score of 24.1, and made light work of the windy conditions. Image: contributed

On November 21 we attracted six full playing groups to our new ‘Happy Gilmore Fun Golf’, a 9 hole Ambrose event played over a shortened course, providing many ‘Birdie’ opportunities.

Last week’s winners, ‘The Wrecking Balls’, made hard work of it in the strong winds and in fact came last, much to the delight of all the other teams. Goodness, don’t we love to take the tall poppies down. ‘The Ruffies’, did not fire a shot and the highly recommended ‘Allstars’ would probably be better known as ‘The Has-beens.’

A new group of ladies formed up as ‘Winx Winners’ all with +40’s handicaps, but were unable to take advantage of their long handicaps and had to settle for a mid-field finish. Could be a good form guide for next week.

New team ‘ Sleazy Accommodation’ representing a major tourist conglomeration (probably best left unnamed), finished a close second with a nett 24.13. The boys excelled and had a fun time.

New kids on the block ‘The Wall Ratz’ breezed in with a good nett 24 to take out the trophy for the day. ‘The Wall Ratz’ comprised of wall tradies, Aaron, Jason, Dave and Kenos, loved the short game of fun golf, after a hard day’s work, and are looking forward to next week.

Everyone is welcome, and for those players who cannot yet make up a team, we can certainly slot you into a side, so don’t be shy, come along and enjoy Happy Gilmore Fun Golf. The Iluka Golf Club will also provide golf clubs and golf balls, for anyone without their own equipment.

Bob Wissink

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