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Iluka golf monthly medal for July

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Sunday’s event was a Stroke competition for the July monthly medal in all three grades, which attracted a healthy field despite threatening weather conditions. Fortunately the weather held off and almost everyone was able to finish with all their clubs dry.

The sponsors for our big day of trophies were Iluka Quality Meats, Anchorage Caravan Park and Life Member, Colin Kempshall; many thanks to all the sponsors for their generous support and helping to make the day a very competitive event.

The overall winner was regular visitor from Maclean, Kris Thomsen, who had a great day out with a nett 62 off a 12 handicap and he was very happy with his form. Visitors were prominent on the leader board with Ken Partridge, from Coraki wining the vouchers in B Grade division with a nett 68 on countback from Jim Wride.

Only Iluka Golf Club members are eligible to win the monthly medal, which makes the trophy presentations very interesting indeed.

Monthly medal winner for A Grade was Rick Brenton with a nett 66; B Grade went to Jim Wride with a nett 68 and C Grade went to Doug Turner with a very good nett 64. Doug Turner our greenkeeper was the clubhouse leader for some time until the last group came in and he was pipped by Kris Thomsen’s great score. It was an exciting finish.

Best gross score in A Grade was Rick Brenton with a 74; B Grade was Bob Oddy with 86 and in C Grade Mauri Watt with 88. Congratulations to all players with such good scores.

NTP’s: 1 / 10 was Kris Thomsen; 6 / 15 was Jim Wride and 8 / 17 was Jack Urquhart and the ladies 2nd shot on 1 / 10 was regular visitor Helen Clark from Parkes.

The ball rundown went to 10 players with a nett score of 71 or better.

We were fortunate to welcome visitors from far and wide including Maclean, Grafton, Coraki, Inverell, Coffs harbour, Parkes and Horton Park. We trust you all enjoyed our course and hope to see you again.

Bob Wissink (filling in for Macca)

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