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Iluka 4th Round of the Veterans Club Championship Medal

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A very happy Veterans Club Champion, Gordon Farrell (right), receives his Championship Medal from Veterans Club president, Geoff Prentice.

The May 7 event was the Monthly Medal Stroke combined with the 4th Round of the Veterans Club Championship Medal, so a big day indeed. The weather played its part with a truly magnificent day and the course was again presented in excellent condition by Greenkeeper Doug Turner and his Army of Merry Volunteers.

The day was sponsored by Jack Urquhart who plays a very important role on the mowers, keeping our Greens and fairways in great shape. General opinion has it that his pin placements are way too hard, but he rapidly fires back and suggests we need to practice our putting more. Good work Jack, and many thanks.

The Veterans Club Championship was won by Gordon Farrell with a final round nett 70, which was a far cry from his Mars Bar effort of last week. A very happy Gordon accepted his Championship win from Veterans Club president, Geoff Prentice. Gordon will no doubt remind us all over for the next 12 months of his milestone win. Well done Gordon and congratulations from all Vets for a great effort played out over 4 months.

Overall A Grade winner was visitor, Robert Brett, with a great score of nett 67 which he won on countback from Bob Oddy, also with a nett 67.

B Grade monthly medal winner was Jeoff Turner, with a nett 66. Jeoff surprised us all with his outstanding score because he almost has a permanent mortgage on the Mars Bar. Well done Jeoff Turner.

B Grade r/up was our sponsor for the event, Jack Urquhart, with a very good nett 68, Jack obviously threw out the anchor is case he won his own trophy.

NTP’s: 1 / 10 – Jeoff Turner; 6 / 15 – Paul MacLean; 8 / 17 – John Lloyd. Roy Ellery 3rd shot on 3 / 12 was Jeoff Turner. It seems that Jeoff Turner had his name on everything this week but will have to resort to buying his own Mars Bar for the journey home.

Ball Rundown went to 9 players with a nett 71 or better.

Barry Robbie Mars Bar & Porcelain Cup went to Life Member, John Caldwell, with a very humble score that does not need to be shared with the world.

Bob Wissink

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