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Iluka 2019 Champions

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Gross Champions 2019 (l-r) Chris Cavallo (C), Sandi Mayoh (A) and Chris Kembrey (B) Nett Champions (l-r) Faye McClymont (A), Ros Jacobs (B) and Lynn Robertson (C). Image: Contributed

On Wednesday May 8 the ladies played a Ladies Single Stroke, Putting and Final Round of the Championships.

The Championship winners were:  

Gross: Div 1 – Sandi Mayoh; Div 2 – Chris Kembrey; Div 3 – Chris Cavallo.

Nett: Div 1 – F. McClymont; Div 2 – Ros Jacobs c/b; Div 3 – Lyn Robertson.

The day’s game was kindly sponsored by Lyn Robertson and Sandra Morrow.

Winners: 0 -30 Roslyn Jacobs 70 nett; 31 – 45 Chris Cavallo 79 nett. Runners up: 0 – 30 Sandi Mayoh 74 nett; 31 – 45 Ann Dean 87 nett.

Putting: 0 – 30 R Jacobs 26; 31 – 45 Chris Cavallo 29.

NTP: 1/10 2nd shot 31 – 45 Kate Brims; 6/15 2nd shot 31 – 45 Chris Cavallo; 8/17 2nd shot 0 – 30 Sandi Mayoh; 9/18 4th shot 0 – 30 Sandi Mayoh.

Ball Run Down to 79: D. Ashcroft, P Bond, P Ravet, L Poore, M Whitton, F McClymont.

Encouragement: G. Finlayson, A Lockyer.

Raffle: Lorraine Whitehouse.

The Pennant girls played at Maclean and the results were three wins, two draws…well done girls – keep it up.

Merrilyn thanked the ladies who attended the Club meeting last week and Sue and Faye have agreed to be members of a committee.

Concerning the restaurant – Donald will be leaving on June 10 and Jack will take over in July.

Monday 9 hole players are now starting at 8.45 for 9am during the winter months.

The game for Wednesday 22 is now the Northern Rivers 4BBB qualifying round for district playoff and the sponsors will be Pat Munro and Chris Kembrey.

Our dear friend Ivy Green is currently in Maclean hospital with a broken wing and we all wish her a speedy recovery. I am sure she would love to see some visitors if you are in the vicinity.

Pat Shepherd

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