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Hurluka Cup a great success

L-R Clare Hurley (sponsor), raffle Winner Brian Doyle and Jim Hurley (sponsor). Image: Contributed.

Iluka Golf Club had the privilege of hosting the 11th Hurluka Cup on Thursday January 9. The day is totally sponsored by Brown and Hurley and organised by Jim and Clare Hurley.

The format for the day was individual Stableford with two shotgun starts one at 7am and the other at 11.30am, morning tea is always a welcome delight to both visitors and locals not to mention the famous sausage sizzle with Barry Arnold’s world class onions and cooked superbly by Peter Whitton and Dallas Morrow.

A big field with visitors from Kyogle, Coffs Harbor, The Gold Coast and even Western Australia took part in a great day with the following results: Overall winner – Russell Weaver 38pts; members winner – David Robbins 37pts c/b; ladies winner – Debbie Ashcroft 34pts c/b; member’s 1st r/up – Cameron Powell 37pts c/b; ladies 1st r/up – Faye McClymont 34pts; 6th r/up – Graeme Lynn 37pts c/b; 7th r/up – Jim Hurley 37pts c/b; 8th r/up – Paul Brosnan 37pts; 9th r/up – Sam McDonald 36pts c/b; 10th r/up – Garry Freeman 36pts c/b; 11th r/up – Christopher Richens 36pts c/b; 12th r/up – Bob Oddy 36pts c/b; 13th r/up – Geoff Prentice 36pts; 14th r/up – Graeme Lockyer 35pts c/b; 15th r/up – Paul Barber 35pts c/b; 16th r/up – Barry Brims 35pts; 17th r/up – Jim Wride 34pts c/b.

NTP’s: 1/10 Garry Freeman and Peg Griffiths 6/15; Kevin Schuhmann and Raema Perkins 8/17; Alan Marsh and Joanne Schuhmann.

A huge raffle was held for a beautiful Kenworth office chair and was won by Brian Doyle. There were prizes galore for the day and a big thank you to Clare Hurley for organising such quality prizes and for selling heaps of raffle tickets. Once everyone was back at the 19th hole many stories and heaps of friendship was had by all.

A big thank you to greenkeeper Doug Turner and his volunteers for presenting the course in wonderful condition. Thank you to all the volunteers for making the day a great success. Needless to say everyone is looking forward to the 12th Hurluka Cup.

Adam Cazalet

L-R Clare Hurley (sponsor), Hurluka Cup winner Russell Weaver and Jim Hurley (sponsor). Image: Contributed

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