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How good is Angourie boardriders?

Hunter Powers. Image: contributed

Comp number three was held in waist to shoulder high offshore conditions at Turner’s Beach. A big thank you to Botero Coffee for sponsoring another club round. 

Female/male divisions surfed: U8s, U10s, U14s, and Open Womens. A lot of the local groms are stepping up and surfing in multiple age divisions. The future of the club is looking bright. Big thanks to everyone who helped out on the day.

Next month’s club round will come around quickly for an 8.30am start at Turner’s on March 1. New members welcome and all abilities are encouraged to inquire at 


U8 Boys: Phoenix Talbot; Oscar Churton; Hunter Powers; Dusty Wood; Harry Young.

U8 Girls: Scarlett Read; Leeuwin Barton; Hazel Meldrum.

U10 Boys: Sunny Churton; Archie Talbot.

U10 Girls: Madora Barton; Eva Emery; Serena Jack; Willow Meldrum.

U14 Boys: Solomon Read; Luke Wilson; Myles Jack; Archie Talbot.

U14 Girls: Madora Barton; Leilani Read; Serena Jack; Ava Young. 

Women: Heather Read; Jeunesse Meldrum; Ava Young.

Serena Jack. Image: Contributed

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