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Helping those in need

The staff at Foodcare are here to support the local community during tough times. Image: Marissa Newman

Marissa Newman|

With fires and drought affecting many people in the Clarence Valley, community organisations and groups have stepped up to help those in need. One of these organisations is Foodcare in South Grafton.

Foodcare provides low cost groceries to those in the community that need it most. Foodcare is an outreach division of Citivue Church and is run under the arm of Global Care. Global Care is all about mates helping mates and that is exactly what Foodcare does.

They are also the exclusive stockists of brand-new clothing which is available to fire victims free of charge.

“Goods 360 teamed up with us (Foodcare), and we got offered a local store donation which was all these clothes and shoes, we have donated a lot of it over to the victims of the Rappville fires and currently we are working with our own community,” Alison Tomlinson from the organisation said.

The volunteers at Foodcare are encouraging everyone who has been affected by the fires to come in and see what clothes are available and take what they need.

“For people who have lost everything they are welcome to come here and help themselves,” Ms Tomlinson said.

Foodcare also has a wide range of groceries including fresh produce, bread, frozen items and meat. The store is packed with everything that you need. If you are on a low income or struggling financially you are more than welcome to use Foodcare.

“Low income people generally have health care cards, seniors’ cards, student cards or pension cards but because there are so many people suffering financially at the moment, we help anybody who is in financial need,” Ms Tomlinson said. Foodcare is open every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am – 1pm. It is located at The Good Intent Shopping Centre on Armidale Road in South Grafton.

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