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Help…prepare for natural disasters

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“Help for Clarence and Richmond Valleys to prepare for natural disasters”is the header for a short news brief in this week’s CV Independent.

In this article Clarence Nationals MP, Chris Galuptis, urges councils and community groups to consider applying for funding under the Community Resilience Innovation Program.

“This new initiative is all about being better prepared for extreme events,” Mr Galuptis said.

I commend our Government for this new initiative to help councils and community groups be better prepared for more frequent and severe events our children and grandchildren especially will experience in the future.

But how many more extreme climate events will we have to suffer before our major party politicians begin to state that climate change is the root cause of extreme local events such as sea level rise and the resultant serious erosion of some of our beautiful beaches and river banks?

I was pleased to see in another of our local papers last week a lead feature headed 

“Beach Disaster” followed by a full page article on the topic on page 3 in which highlighted were the comments of Scott Lenton, Clarence Valley Council environmental planning co-ordinator:-

“Because of climate change and the sea level rising, the beach may recede faster in the future, which is common to any of the situations.”

I commend Scott Lenton for actually using the words “Climate Change” and for our other local paper for publishing such a comprehensive article on the topic of beach erosion.

Once we accept that climate change is already a local reality, we may be able to persuade which ever major political party wants to retain or gain government, to now seriously address climate change rather than bequeathing the huge challenge of climate change to our children, grandchildren and their future generations.

All the best in the future you choose.

Harry Johnson,

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