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Harwood Sugar Mill Lower Clarence Tennis Champs

Frances Fenner, Mahala Hitchings, Maddie Norris, Sammy Hayman and Taya Norris. Mahala Hitchings and Sammy Hayman are both representing the region at the NSW State Championships in Sydney.

The Harwood sugar mill Lower Clarence Tennis Champs were held this month in Maclean.

With over 40 juniors enjoying the competition from ‘Red Ball’ (beginners) up to the 14 & unders, some great tennis was played with great sportsmanship on display at all times.

Head coach Alan Jurd thanked Harwood sugar mill for their ongoing support and praised all the kids for their level of tennis and sportsmanship displayed.

The following were the winners:
Red Ball (beginners) – Isabella Causley
Orange Ball (advanced beginners) – Lachy Stanger.
10 boys – Oliver Seeto
10 girls – Kayla Ellis
10 Doubles – Alex Doherty/Oliver Seeto
12girls – Mahala Hitchings
12 boys – Jamie Richards
12 doubles – Jamie Richards/Eggy Fisher
14 singles – Taya Norris
14 doubles – Matt Taylor/Mahala Hitchings

Lachy Stanger in action. Images: Contributed

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