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Grafton women’s golf

Winners Janette Blair, Gai Leeson, Sandy Donnelly and Jo Foley with the rest of the good players. Image: Contributed

Monday 26th beginner players joined in a nine hole competition, which was also their party day. The day was proudly sponsored by Grafton Textiles and we thank them for their continued support of Grafton golfers. There was a large contingent of about 30 players, who engaged in a four person Ambrose, and the winners were Gai Leeson, Janette Blair, Sandy Donnelly and Jo Foley. Congratulations to all the players, and may we welcome them back to golf next year. Many have progressed through the year and are now ready for the next big step.  

Last Wednesday 44 ladies played an 18 hole Stableford. The field was reduced because we had about 20 ladies playing in the tournament at South West Rocks. The day was sponsored by Serenity Beaute, and the overall winner was Judy McFarlane, with 36 points. Winner of Div 1 was Heather Robinson with 32 points, r/up was Peg James on 32 points, on a c/b. Second r/up was Kathy McMullan with 31 points.  Winner of Div 2 was Lyn Dahl with an amazing 35 points, r/up was Val Franey with 33points, on a c/b. Second r/up was Sharon Rowles, with 33 points. Winner of Div 3 was Gai Leeson, also in very good form to record 35 points, r/up was Marilyn Powell with 32 points on a c/b. Second r/up was Gail Knell, also with 32 points.

On Friday our numbers were again down to 20 competitors, also affected by the girls away in South West Rocks. Winner was Fay Shields with a very good 33 points, r/up was the very consistent Heather Purtill, with 32 points on a c/b; third was Mary Atkins with 32 points also. Elaine Shand had a good day taking both the nearest the pins on the 1st and the 10th.

Please remember our Presentation Dinner on Thursday night, where we reward the good golfers for the year with trophy presentations.

Marg Rickwood

Group shot of all participants


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