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Grafton women’s golf

As there was no gossip coming into the newsroom I shall be only giving the results today.

January 26 – Australia Day was very well patronised despite the heat. The event was an 18 hole Stableford and there were 14 starters. The ladies winner was Hollie Fuller on 36pts, r/up was Marianne Mannell on 35pts, 2nd r/up was Kaye Murdoch 34pts on a c/b from Janette Blair.

Wednesday January 30 was an18 hole Stableford with 40 starters.

Div 1 winner – Jan Patterson 35pts c/b; r/up – Sue Petty 35pts; 2nd r/up – Cheryl Shanley 34pts.

Div 2 winner – Millie Harris 41pts; r/up – Sharyn Rowles 36pts c/b; 2nd r/up – Marie Hayes 36pts.

Div 3 winner – Sue Roberts 37pts; r/up – Jan Davis 33pts; 2nd r/up – Di Chapman 31pts.

NTP’s: 1st Women Golfers (sponsor) – Heather Purtill; 6th MJO Legal (sponsor) – Kaye Murdoch; 10th Clarence Valley Tyres (sponsor) – Judy McFarlane; 17th Ford/Dougherty Property (sponsor) – Heather Purtill.

Nine pro balls were given on the day to 32pt c/b. They were Shirley Goodger, Val Franey, Glenda Chad, Gillian McLachlan, Margaret Manahan, Ann Gibbons, Dell Burke, Kaye Murdoch and Heather Purtill.

Saturday February 2 an 18 hole Stableford and there were 14 starters.

The leaderboard on the day is as follows: Kate Thomson 33pts, Marianne Mannell 32pts, Heather Robinson 31pts and Christine Danvers 30pts.

Please make a note on Monthly Medal rounds: 0 – 26 handicap nominate on front nine; 27 – 45 handicap nominate on back nine.

Dale B

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