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Grafton Vinnies extends shop opening hours

In response to popular demand the St Vincent de Paul Society shop in Prince Street, Grafton is extending its opening hours to include Saturday mornings.

From last Saturday (January 5) the popular Vinnies shop will open from 9am to midday.

Vinnies North Coast retail manager Kim Boyd said the shop has been trading well, perhaps a reflection of an upturn in retail confidence in Grafton more generally.

“The Vinnies shop is well located. We’re encouraging people to pop into town, do some shopping in the main street, have a cuppa in one of the local cafes and then drop by the Vinnies shop to check out the latest bargains.”

Ms Boyd said good quality clothing and household items turn over quickly in the shop, with new donations coming in all the time.

“Our shop volunteers do a wonderful job of sorting through goods and preparing them for display. By shopping at Vinnies you’re not only giving donated items a second life but contributing funds that Vinnies uses in the local community to assist families and individuals doing it tough.”

Robin Osborne

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