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We welcome the first Jabberfest of the new year to be held at the New Life Church in Arthur Street on Monday February 11.

We hope that all U3A members have had a wonderful and relaxing holiday period and are all eager to see what the new year brings to us, with the expected high calibre of guest speakers as we have had in the past.

Our guest speaker for February will be Mr Zbys Klich, former Vice Chancellor of the Southern Cross University.

I believe that we will be informed as to how it may be possible for U3A members to take up studies through the university at no cost that allow us to study a particular subject that will allow us to obtain the knowledge but which will not lead to us earning a Degree; certainly a great way for us to start our Jabberfests for this year.

David Abrahams will pass on his biography, which he expects to receive in mid January.

At the first management committee meeting for the year Nick Reeve indicated that he would prefer to speak at a Jabberfest on climate change, rather than conduct a course over an extended period, something to look forward to, as is a range of supplementary items from Kevin Dixon, including quizzes and games guaranteed to keep (some of us) awake and exercised in thinking laterally; always entertaining interludes.

We will of course be brought up to date by Alysan Pender, with all the latest information on the various courses and Groups, some of which are already underway.

We look forward to Monday February 11 with proceedings commencing at the New Life Church at 10am.

Regards and best wishes to you on behalf of your Management Committee

Brian Carter

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