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Grafton swimmers medal at AIF titles in Melbourne

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Roz Donohoe - 2nd in Ladies 50m freestyle championship.

The temperature was 38 degrees, the horizon was filled with smoke from nearby bushfires and the warm breeze that was blowing created a dust storm, covering everyone in dead grass particles.

Unfortunately these were the conditions facing the GDSC Swimming Club when they arrived at Noble Park Aquatic Centre in Melbourne to compete at the AIF National Swimming Championships.

This did not deter one single competitor and it didn’t take long for new friendships to be made and old ones renewed and it was very obvious that the keen competitiveness between the twenty odd clubs was still very evident.

Swimming to a nominated time is always a very difficult task, even more so when there are so many swimmers aiming to achieve that elusive perfect number in the 1075 events run.

Grafton’s Jill Enks was the only one in the club to advance to the 50m handicap final and when she swam that final she had the support of all her fellow club members.

At the presentation dinner that followed the swim Grafton’s contingent was delighted to hear the following results –

Jill was presented with a coveted AIF towel for being in the top eight of the 50m final.

Roz Donohoe received second place in the Ladies 60-64 year freestyle championship.

Grafton’s team of Gary Dixon, Sharon Danvers, Roz Donohoe, Ian Goodman, Geoff Simkus, Andrew Madden, Terry Barnes, Ian Davis, Steve Donnelly and Joy Cutler were placed second in the 10 x 50m Ivo Wyatt Memorial Relay, just being tipped out by Albury.

The remaining Championship results were then announced and Grafton’s David Moon stole the show taking out the Men’s Open 50m Butterfly Championship, The Men’s Open 50m Breaststroke Championship and the Men’s 55-59 years 50m Freestyle Championship.

All clubs present at the dinner were then asked to place a silent vote as to the person they thought should be named “Swimmer of the Meet”. The sound was deafening when David Moon was announced as the winner and the team went crazy. 

David is such a quiet achiever and humbly accepted the trophy, then relaxed and settled in to enjoy the remainder of the evening.

Toni Ensbey

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