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Grafton Showgirls line up

Grafton Showgirl entrants line up L-R Marissa Newman, Courtney King, Aimee Unitt, Ameila McLachlan, Felicity Ellem, Crystal Ryan, Grafton Showgirl Co-ordinator Carmell Sanne and Abbie Ellis, at the Grafton Showgirl high tea. Image: contributed

Lynne Mowbray |

This year’s Grafton Showgirl competition has seen a total of seven entrants’ – four in the junior category and three in the senior category.

Abbie Ellis, Courtney King and Marissa Newman are this year’s senior showgirl entrants and Felicity Ellem, Ameila McLachlan, Crystal Ryan and Aimee Unitt are the junior showgirl entrants.

Grafton Showgirl Co-ordinator Carmell Sanne said that this year’s showgirl contenders are all eager to serve their community.

“All the girls are community minded,” Ms Sanne said.

“They all have their own ideas and plans of what they want to do and achieve.

“They are just a really nice bunch of girls and they are all looking to be more involved in the community as ambassadors, helping to promote the showgirl competition, to hopefully make it bigger and better each year,” she said.

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