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The feature race for this last was the Wykes Tyrepower Cup and those lucky enough to make the final were Richard Sear, Steve Donnelly, Jill Enks and Jack Weatherstone.

Jill, on handicap was the first into the water and five metres from the finish was holding a leading position.

However, out of nowhere came Richard and Steve, touching first and second respectively but the judge was not a happy chappie, disqualifying them both for speeding.

Jill being the next home was awarded the win and boy was she excited.  Jack took second place.

Five members lined up for the final of the 25m freestyle sprint.

Geoff Simkus, Wilson Burns, Doug Ensbey, David Moon and Shannon Thompson were all pumped up and anxious to hit the water.

With not a lot of difference in handicap times it was every man for himself as they churned their way up the pool. With only .10 separating the first three to cover the distance Wilson was awarded the win with Geoff only .01 away taking second and David only .02 further back scoring third place.

The novelty 50m relay was too difficult to put into words and it was disappointing that a video was not available to capture those trying to retrieve the fifty cent coin from the bottom of the pool.

Jenny Vickery and Geoff Simkus teamed up, Damien O’Mahony and Steve Donnelly made a very formidable pair, Jill Enks and David Moon were team number three and Jack Weatherstone and Shannon Thompson made the fourth team.

O’Mahony and Donnelly had it down pat and even though they registered a slightly slow time it was good enough to give them the win with Simkus and Vickery coming home next and Weatherstone and Thompson taking third.

Toni Ensbey

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