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Grafton Rifle Club

Grafton Rifle Club competed from the 300yds range on Saturday November 23.

Only one possible was scored by Chris Mc Kenzie, a lovely 50.7 with his new rifle, he followed up with a 48.4 to take out the Off Rifle trophy. The handicap trophy was won by Ian Griffiths with an off rifle score of 95.7, however with his huge handicap of 8 points gave him a total of 103.

In the ‘ F ‘ Class division John Bloomer won the Off Rifle Trophy with a score of 115/120 whilst Allan Johnson took out the Handicap Trophy with a score of 108/120 and adding his handicap of 12.5 giving him a total of 120.5.

Our address is 434 Trenayr Road, Junction Hill and starting time is 1pm. Club rifles are available to prospective members. Email address is


Target Rifle

Ian Griffiths                         48.5           47.2           95.7           8.0             103.0

Wayne Pearson                    47.7           46.3           93.10         6.5              99.5

Chris McKenzie                    50.7          48.4           98.11         1.5             99.5

Steve Small                            48.2          47.5           95.7           3.5             98.5

Brendon Watkins                  42.1           46.5           88.6            10               98

Dave Grundy                         47.5           47.4           94.9            3                97

Derek Higgins                        46.4          40.2           86.6            6                92

‘F’ Class

John Bloomer                       59.2           56.3            115.5         3.5             118.5

Allan Johnson                        56.2           52.1           108.3         12.5           120.5

Dennis Hilton                        53.2           57.5           110.7         2.5             112.5

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