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On Saturday August 3 Grafton Rifle Club fired from the 800 yard mound in good conditions with a light breeze that was fairly benign, proving once again that it is remarkable how many wind changes you can shoot through when you fire a ‘perfect’ shot. To that end captain Nick Abrahal managed to fire a 50.6/60 in his first stage and a 50/50 in his second stage, with 9 central  bullseyes, missing the central on his last shot  – must have seen his name in the papers.  This gave him an aggregate of 100 with 15 centrals, taking out the Off Rifle trophy in Target Rifle. Peter Brown tried to emulate Nick however, he fell short by one bullseye, his aggregate being 99 with 12 centrals. Ian Griffiths took out the Handicap Trophy with a score of 95/100 plus a generous handicap of 10 points, giving him a total of 105.

In the ‘F’ Class (Scoped Rifle) Dave Grundy scored 56/60 and a 58/60, giving him a total of 114/120 with 6 shots in the super central to take home the Off Rifle Trophy. Dennis Hilton took control with a total score of 110/120, plus his handicap of 14 points, giving him a total of 124, winning the Handicap Trophy.

Visitor Trevor Lascelles fired in the ‘F’ Class Open category scoring 56/60 and 57/60, giving him a total of 113 with 5 super centrals.  Trevor is yet to acquire a handicap and will be most welcome as a member.

All Club members wish John Bloomer a speedy recovery from his recent major operation and look forward to greeting his ever-smiling face on the range once again.

If you want to come and try what our Club has to offer but don’t have a licence there is an option of sign a p650 form which allows non-licenced people to shoot under supervision of one of our members. Conditions apply and are subject to the legal requirements of the NSW Firearms Registry and NSW Police.

Competition commences at 1300 hours, the distance will be 900 yards. The range is located at 434 Trenayr Road, Trenayr adjacent to the Experimental Farm and opposite the Koppers Log site.

Ian Griffiths

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