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Grafton outdoor archery

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Results of outdoor shoot: (3D) held Sunday July 7 at Bawden’s Bridge course.

Scores out of 400: Mark Corner 375 (Senior Bare Bow), Todd Reeves 348 (Senior Sighted Beginner), Alan Wilson 305 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Warren Hutchinson 277 (Senior Sighted), Jeff Thompson 268 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Mark Koschker 223 (Senior Traditional Recurve), Sandie Matters 198 (Senior Traditional Recurve).

Scores out of 300: Toby Revell 252 (Junior Sighted), Wayne Revell 213 (Senior Sighted), Daniel Bell 145 (Senior Sighted).

Score out of 200: Heath Revell 120 (Cub Sighted).

Next outdoor shoot: (paper) Sunday July 21 at Bawden’s Bridge course with a 10am start and sausage sandwiches and drinks available.

Indoor archery: At 21 Turf St, Grafton, on the river side of the railway line via Fitzroy Street. Tuesdays: From 6pm – beginners, cubs, juniors, and seniors. Thursdays: From 6pm – seniors, juniors and anyone else who would like to come along. 

Jeff Thompson

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