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Grafton locals urged to have their say about new PCYC Grafton development

For over 81 years, PCYC NSW has been at the heart of communities across the state and has reflected the activities and programs needed by each community. In continuing with this important approach, PCYC NSW is calling on the Grafton community to help shape plans for the new PCYC Grafton development.

Following a $40 million investment by the NSW Government in June 2018, PCYC Grafton is one of the 16 facilities scheduled to be newly developed or upgraded. PCYC Grafton will be newly developed and planning has begun. As part of this, PCYC NSW is seeking advice from Grafton locals to ensure the facility meets the needs of the community.

“With the growth of the community, there is a need for a modern, fit-for-purpose community sport and recreation facility. PCYC will use this facility to ensure and to commit to more opportunities for young people to stay active. We are looking forward to bringing a PCYC to Grafton,” said Dominic Teakle, CEO, PCYC NSW.

“We are working to ensure the development will meet the needs of Grafton to better facilitate our mission of empowering young people. At PCYC NSW, we do not have a one-size-fits-all approach to our service delivery. We pride ourselves on serving the communities in which we work by tailoring our programs and facilities to their unique needs.”

“That is why we need help from those within the Grafton community to inform the decisions we will be required to make about PCYC Grafton moving forward.”

Locals can have their say through the PCYC NSW Community Consultation Survey. Feedback provided will help shape plans for the new PCYC Grafton and will inform the services and activities which will be delivered in the new facility.

New PCYC developments or upgrades will occur in Albury, Bourke, Dubbo, Grafton, Griffith, Hawkesbury, Kempsey, Lake Macquarie, Moree, Parramatta, Redfern, Southern Highlands, Tamworth, Taree, Wagga Wagga and Walgett.

To provide feedback on plans for PCYC Grafton visit

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